Percy the Border Collie Dog Runs for Congress.
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Percy the Border Collie Dog Runs for Congress

FLORIDA - In a satirical protest against the political establishment, Percy
the dog is running for congress in Florida against Secretary of State Katherine
Percy's owner, Wayne Genthner, is acting as the dog's campaign manager.
Percy, a Border collie mix, will be a write-in candidate in the Republican
primary, has his own website, and has even been out to meet voters.
Genthner acknowledges that no one actually expects the dog to be elected, but
plenty of people will be willing to vote for a dog to represent their discontent
with the political system, he said.
Percy's website states, Percy, District 13's only black white candidate,
fluent in Spanish, is a strong believer in cross culture, cross species
interface, and has vowed, if elected, to support programs that foment these
In addition, Percy promises to literally chase down any criminals he sees.
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