Nicknames For The Presidents Pecker.
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Nicknames For The Presidents Pecker

The White House Staff His Tiny Advisor The Nuclear Button The Executive Branch
The Little Pollster His Soft Contribution His Pocket Veto The Secret Servicer
The Presidential Caucus LITTLE ROCK Commander in Briefs The Erectoral College
IRS (Intern Ramming System) Lincoln Room Womb Broom McTool (Over 3 Billion
Served) Politically Erect Power Pole Presidential Probe Pubic Servant Scandal
Handle Top Banana The Ugly Stick West Wing Nut White House Woody .

The Sin Doctor.

Hail to the Beef.

The Cabinet Member .

(because 1,500 people went down on it).

The Gross National Product.

The Washington Monument.

The Washington Post.
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