Im over the hill.
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Im over the hill

We're over the hill but don't feel sad

This side of the hill ain't all that bad.

So give us five and then a smile

To us who have been here for awhile.

With by-pass pain and mended hip

And plumbing fixtures prone to drip;

We all may seem a sorry lot,

But we rejoice for what we've got.

We have each day and what it brings

And on our pensions live like kings.

For the press that accuses what we take

To coin a phrase, Let them eat cake.

We've paid our share for unused knowledge

As the kids are now all done with college.

We complain to them about our health

As they worry about our dwindling wealth.

And though our wardrobes may be plain

We'll suffer no more labor or pain.

Now it's with cane we do our strut

And if we can't drive - we still can putt.

We're mean and tough, meet all demands,

Why, M&M's melt in our hands.

Yes, we're still here, and it does delight us

That you join our fight against arthritis.

But we ask you make a pledge today

That you'll be careful what you say.

We have to spread Over the Hill fear

Or we'll have those young folks over here.

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