Signs and notices 21.
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Signs and notices 21

These are supposedly actual signs that have appeared at various locations.

At my University's Student center Bathrooms: If you see four feet instead of two under the bathroom door, please notify it immediately to the University Police.

In the hallway of a High School in New Jersey Our School: Commitment, Responsibility, Attitude, Persistance.

Road sign in Roosevelt, Utah: Rest Area Next Right - the next right leads a person right into to a cemetery.

A sign in the local opportunity shop says, If your going to steal, then smile for the camera.

While stopped at an intersection I noticed a man standing on the corner in front of a Burger King. He was holding a ign that read Will work for food. If he had only looked up, he would have noticed that the Burger King sign directly a bove him read Now hiring.

At an office: This job is only a test had it been an actual job, you would have recieved raises,bonses and promotions.

SEEN ON A BILLBOARD ALONG A HIGHWAY: Caution: Objects in the mirror may have flunked drivers education.

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