A Meal To Die For.
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A Meal To Die For

There was an Englishman an Irishman and a Scotsman. They all worked on the top
of a cliff and the Englishman said, f I have cheese in my sandwich tomorrow
I'll jump off this cliff!?

The Irishman said, f I have ham tomorrow, I'll jump off the cliff!?

The Scotsman said, f I have jam in my sandwich tomorrow, I'll jump off the
It was the next day, and they all had to jump off as the Englishman had cheese
the Irishman had ham and the Scotsman had jam!
A week later, it was the funeral and the Scottish lady and the English lady
said, Why didn't they just tell us they didn't like what we put in their

And the Irish lady said, don know why my husband jumped off
the cliff he made his own sandwiches!?

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