Lunch Break.
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Lunch Break

There were three men working at the top of a building. One was Chinese, one
was Mexican, and the other one was Polish.
At lunch they went to the edge and the top of the building. The Mexican guy
pulled out a taco and said, If I get another taco tomorrow, I am gonna jump off
this bulding.
The Chinese guy pulled out fried rice and said, If I get fried rice tomorrow,
I'm gonna jump off with you.
The Polish guy pulled out a ham sandwich and said, If I get another ham
sandwich, I'm going to jump tomorrow with you guys too.
The next day the Mexican guy got a taco, so he jumped off the building. The
Chinese guy got fried rice, so he jumped off. The Polish guy got a ham sandwich,
so he jumped off.
The next day their wives had a triple funeral. The Mexican guy's wife was
crying, and she said, I could have made him a burrito or something.
The Chinese guy's wife was crying and said, I could have made him some
The Polish guy's wife couldn't stop laughing. The other's asked her what she
thought was so funny, and she replied, My husband always made his own lunch.
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