Sardarji on the Mountain.
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Sardarji on the Mountain

Once a Sardarji (a caste man in India) goes to visit a temple on a top of Mt.
Abu, where the roads are like a zigzag.
At the starting point towards the Temple, a man tells Sedaris that it will be
better to take his car in reverse to the top of Mt. Abu as there will be no
space at the top to turn around up there.
So, as per the guidelines given by the man, The Sardarji, goes to the top of
Mt. Abu in reverse.
After sometime the Sardarji comes down of the hill in reverse..
When the man sees him, he asks the Sardarji why he came down the hill in a
reverse gear.
The Sardarji replies that he got some space at the top of the hill so he
reversed his car.
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