Mexican Restaurant Specialty.
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Mexican Restaurant Specialty

A couple goes to Mexico City for vacation and goes to a famous local
restaurant. They ask the waiter's opinion about what to order, and he tells them
they have a special each Sunday that's wonderful, so the couple orders that.
With great fanfare, the waiter brings out a large silver serving platter
with two huge steaming rounds of meat, juices dripping; it smells delicious and
tastes even better.
The couple is delighted with their meal and asks the waiter just what the
fabulous meat dish was. Senor, he explains, each Saturday night, we have the
bullfights, and that was the bull's balls you ate.
The couple is a bit taken aback by what they had just eaten, but it was
delicious, so they get over it.
Six months later, the couple returns back in Mexico City and decide to go
to the same same restaurant. Feeling adventuresome, they order the same dish.
Once again, with great fanfare, the waiter brings out the huge silver
serving dish and places it on the table. But this time there are two tiny pieces
of meat, barely enough for one.
The man says, Excuse me, but the last time we were here and ordered this
dish, it was huge, more than enough for two. Why is this one so small?
The waiter smiles and replies, 揥ell you see, senor, sometimes the bull
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