Safari in Africa.
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Safari in Africa

A british man, a french man, and an american man are on a safari in africa,
and they are taken prisoner by a savage group of villagers. as they're being
brought to the village, they are told that death was their only option; however,
they each had their choice of the method they would use to kill themselves. the
british man requested a pistol, and cried out long lives the queen! as he blew
his brains out. the two others watched in horror as the savages flayed the man
and made his skin into a canoe. the french man was next, and he requested a
saber. vive le france was what he cried out as he disemboweled himself. the
american guy watched again what they did with his body, as they made his skin
into a canoe. the last guy, the american guy requested a fork in which to kill
himself. as soon as it was handed to him, he started stabbing himself violently
as he screamed so much for your f****** canoe!
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