Formal introduction.
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Formal introduction

A handsome American Army captain, assigned to the American Embassy's military
attache office in London, was shopping in Harrod's during his lunch hour and got
the hungries.

He went to the cafeteria, loaded a tray, and the only available space was at a
table occupied by a gorgeous gal. He asked the gal if he could share the table
with her, which is the accepted procedure in jolly old England. She nodded. He
sat down and they began a conversation.

They were smitten with each other and one thing led to another until he ended
up in her flat for a little horizontal recreation. Both enjoyed it immensely.

He had to go back to work and didn't see her again until a couple weeks later
when he met her on the street near his Embassy. Hello, Pamela, he said.

She gave him a drop dead look. He was crestfallen. Pamela, he said. Don't
you remember me? Remember lunch in Harrod's? Remember the wonderful time we had
at your flat?

She remained unmoved and said haughtily, Since when did intercourse
constitute a formal introduction?
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