Holy Bread.
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Holy Bread

A sales representative from a major chicken producer is sent on a mission to the Vatican.
He meets with the Pope: "Holy Father, my company would like to make a substantial
donation to the Holy Mother Church - but there´s only one condition...."
"Yes, my son?"
"We´d like you to authorize changing the Lord´s Prayer from "Give us this day our daily
bread to give us this day, our daily chicken."
"I don´t know my Son. Tradition and all, you know."
"Well your Holiness, we are prepared to give you a Million dollars to do this."
"I don´t know my Son. Tradition and all, you know."
So, the chicken man, hurries off for a quick phone call to his boss and he comes back.
"Your Worship, I am authorized to go up to one Billion dollars if you change "Give us this
day our daily bread, to give us this day our daily chicken."
The Pope shrugs with a smile and says, "Well, now, my Son, give me a call tomorrow."
Later that day the Pope has a big meeting with his Cardinals, Bishops, Priests
the whole Vatican family is there.
He says to them, "Boys, I gotta some a good news, and I gotta some a bad news...."
"The good news is that the Holy Mother Church has come into one Billion dollars!!"
"Boys, the bad news is that we have lost the Wonderbread account!"
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