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Jesus is crucified, hanging on the cross up on a hill. Below the hill there is a crowd of onlookers, including St. Peter.
"Peter! Peter! I need to tell you something" Jesus cries.
So Peter, devoted to his Lord, breaks from the crowd towards the hill only to be stopped by a group of Roman soldiers, beat up and thrown back down.
"Peter! Please, I need to tell you something!" Jesus cries.
Again, full of faith and love for Christ, he runs up the hill and almost gets past the soldiers. But, he´s caught, beat up again and tossed back into the crowd.
Finally, Jesus screams "Peter, I must tell you something. Please, come to me!"
Peter, sorrowed by his Lord´s suffering, runs up the hill bloody and bruised and finally makes it past the soldiers. He kneels in front of Jesus: "Here I am my lord, your faithful servant. What is it that you need to tell me?"
Jesus smiles and says "Yo, I can see my house from up here."
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