Broker market crash.
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Broker market crash

The Top 10 Signs Your Broker Was Affected by the Stock Market Crash

He can't come to the phone right now..he's on the ledge.

He won't be in today...he was made an offer and he refused.

He left the building and not via the elevator..if you catch my drift.

I'm sorry, sir..she's not in...she's out digging up your can as we speak.

There's a sign on her desk that says Next Broker Please.

He's on another line with his Mommy..would you care to hold?

No sir, that wasn't him streaking through the Stock Exchange

He's meeting with the SEC as we speak.

I'm sorry, ma'am but that was him being led from the Stock Exchange naked except for the sale tickets stuck to his body via maple syrup.

Yes sir, that is him in the White Bronco leading the cops down the freeway.

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