Youre a bad customer.
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Youre a bad customer

You Might Be A Bad Customer If:

You escort people out of line for having 11 items in the 10 items or less lane.

You walk into a store at 10 minutes to close not knowing what you want and don't decide for another 30 minutes.

You yell out what a GREAT TIPPER you are.

You return the coffee because it's too hot.

You order water with extra lemon (as if it was supposed to come with lemon).

You ask for a discount. No reason specified, just that you should get one.

You get annoyed if a hardware store, etc., does not have the most obscure component in stock, despite the fact that they haven't sold one in over 20 years.

If you buy 10 cent candy to break a 20

You think the Pre-pay sign on the gas pump is for everyone but you.

You buy an expensive dress and return it after the party.

You can't read the signs or coupons correctly, insisting you're right and all the employees are wrong.

While standing in front of the huge line up of TVs, you ask a salesman, Is this all the TVs you have?

You dare ask for a discount at a resturaunt because your kids didn't like thier food after they showed their dislike by throwing said food on the walls and the floor.

You chew out the manager of the local McDonald's for not cleaning up the place, while meanwhile, your kids proceed to launch ketchup packets at each other.

You pay anything / everything in small change (especially pennies)

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