Sick Doctor.
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Sick Doctor

A doctor was waiting for his next patient and when they arrived, it was a
gorgeous blonde. The doctor almost lost his control because he was so attracted.
He let all professionalism go out the window and walked over to her. What is
your name miss? he asked. Allie she replied. He began to feel her breasts
because he was so wild with desire, and he said: do you know what I am doing
Allie? she said, yes, you are checking lumbs in my breasts. Yes, that's
right he replied. He then began to rub his hands up and down her body. He said
to her allie, do you know what I am doing now? Yes, she said, you are
checking me for any skin imperfections. That抯 right,?he said. He finally
lost all control and began to have intercourse with the woman. Now do you know
what I am doing Allie? he asked, absolutely having the time of his life. Yes,
she said, getting herpes which is why I came to see you.
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