Parking ticket.
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Parking ticket

I was having a bad day. For one thing I hadn抰 slept well the previous night
because of another loud party next door. On top of that, I felt a cold coming
on. So I drove to the neighborhood drugstore, and ran in for a couple of
minutes, just to get some cough drops. When I came out, there was a cop, writing
a ticket for the expired parking meter. 揋ive a girl a break, would you??I
asked him. He ignored me and went on writing. I called him a 損encil-necked
Nazi.?He glared at me and began writing a second ticket for the expired city
sticker. I called him a 揾orse抯 ass,?and he began writing another ticket--for
worn tires!! I didn抰 care. It wasn抰 my car, but I抎 recognized it as my noisy
neighbor抯. I take my fun where I can get it.
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