Ride em Cowboy!.
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Ride em Cowboy!

Ed and Ted went to the fair. They came across a small crowd gathered around a
stall and went over to take a look. What's going on? Ed asked one of the

We're watching to see if some idiot can ride that bronco machine, he
said nodding towards a fearsome looking machine. Nobody has managed to stay on
for the full three minutes yet. And there's a prize of $1000 for anybody who

I can do that! Ed said confidently.
No you can't, said Ted.
I sure as hell can! said Ed.

You'll get yourself killed if you try and ride that monster, said Ted.
Watch this, said Ed and climbed aboard the bronco machine.

The machine thrashed wildly, up and down, from side to side, around in circles
but still a grim-faced Ed clung to its back. After two minutes the machine was
bucking almost vertically and spinning until Ed was a blur. But when the three
minutes were up Ed was still on the machine's back acknowledging the cheers and
cries from the small crowd.

He dismounted, collected his winnings and rejoined Ted. Where in hell did you
learn to ride a bucking bronco like that!? Ted asked.

Remember three months ago, Ed said...
When my wife had whooping cough...?
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