The golden toilet.
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The golden toilet

A group of guys are on their way to a party, but couldn't quite remember the
address to the house. ''I'm sure this is the one, said the driver. ''Well, I
have got to go to the bathroom SO BAD.'' Replied one of the others, ''I'll go
knock on the door, and check. If it's the wrong house, at least I'll get to a

So he gets out and walks to the front door. He rings it once....No answer. He
rings it again.....Still no answer. So, he thinks, 憫this is a big house,, big
party, maybe the party is outside, in the backyard.'' So he walks around the
house to the back, there was no one out there either. As he approached the back
door, he was surprised to find it unlocked, and opened. There was obviously no
one home, so he figured he'd just quietly run inside real quick, and use his or
her bathroom, no one would know. So, he goes inside but he can't find the
bathroom anywhere. So, he quickly ran up the stairs and searched, and searched,
till finally as he opened a door to a small room, he was amazed to find a GOLDEN
TOILET. He had never seen anything like it, but remembering that he was in a
stranger's house, and that they could at anytime return home, he quickly did his
business and walked out. As he got in the car he excitedly told his friends of
the AMAZING GOLDEN TOILET. They laughed in disbelief at his crazy tale. They
pulled out of the driveway, arguing about it. They argued the whole way to the

A couple of hours later, on the way home from the party. They drive past the
house with the GOLDEN TOILET. And they guy insists on stopping so he could prove
to his friends the these people really did have a GOLDEN TOILET. So, they agree
to check it out. So they all walk up to the front door and ring the doorbell.
And a woman answers the door. ''Excuse me mama, but could you please let me show
my friends here your GOLDEN TOILET, they don't believe me!'' ''So YOU'RE the
guy!'' The woman replies, then yells to her husband in the house, ''HONEY!?!
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