Give it to me baby!!!.
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Give it to me baby!!!

There was a lady telling her husband a joke: It goes like this; There was a
white and black rabbit they were playing hide and seek. The black rabbit hid
somewhere far and the white rabbit could'nt find him. He lost him. So, he saw
the pink rabbit and asked him where the black rabbit was. she said if you give
it to me, i will tell you. The white rabbit gives it to the pink and the rabbit
tells him to go left. The white rabbit saw all his friends and on they were
going telling the white rabbit to give it to them so they could tell him where
the black rabbit is. It went on for 2 hours. Then the white rabbit saw the black
and do you know what happened??? The husband said what?? The lady said; If you
give it to me i'll tell you!
[Tag]:Give it to me baby!!!
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