Every Time A Bell Rings, An Angel....
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Every Time A Bell Rings, An Angel...

* Spit-polishes his halo
* Buys a maxi-pad with wings
* Drops out of a so-called Choir of Angels because that's really just a
place for a bunch of diva show-offs to shine sunbeams up God's butt
* Orders a plate of Hades Hot Buffalo wings
* Drinks a little too much of Junior's blood and falls off a cloud
* Listens to Paul McCartney sing with his band Wings
* Takes a heavenly crap
* Decides to reveal the Lord's majesty to the masses by appearing on some
aluminum siding in east Texas
* Obeys his Pavlovian conditioning, and barks like a dog
* Sits down for dinner
* Prank calls the miserable whiners in Hell
* Gets his union card
* Takes the fruitcake out of the oven
* Gets his wings ripped from his back, so they can be given to a more angelic
and deserving angel
* Tells a mortal, Oh c'mon, jump already! I don't got all day!
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