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This guy decides to join the navy. on his first day of service, he gets
aquatinted with all the facilities around the ship he will be serving on. the
guy asks the sailor showing him around, what do you guys do around here when
you get really horny after months of being out at sea?, to which the other
replies, well, there is this barrel on the upper deck, just pump your cock in
the side with the hole. weeks pass, and the new guy is getting real horny and
remembers the barrel. he climbs to upper deck and sees the barrel. flings his
slung out and starts f****** the barrel. it抯 simply the best feeling he had
ever experienced, it was truly a success! after he was done, zipped up and
merrily walking along, the guy who originally told him about the barrel walks
by. that barrel really was great! i could do it every day! to which the other
crewmember replies, yeah, you can every day except thursday. confused, the new
guy asks why, to which the other guy replies, because its your turn in the
barrel on thursday.
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