The New Car.
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The New Car

Once upon a yesterday afternoon, I had to pick up my we抮e do well brother
because his car broke down. I probably shouldn't have done this, but I wanted to
show off this cool new car I got, so I agreed. I left work at about five o
clocks and I went to the gas station before I picked up my brother. Of course,
after a few bad incidences with the gas station attendants, I discovered that
self-serve was the way to go, so I pulled up and hopped out of my car. When I
was finished pumping the gas, I pulled out the pump, but I had forgotten to
completely let go of the handle, so some gas spilled out onto the sleeve of my
jacket.払ig deal' I thought, and I paid for the gas and got back into the car.
Well, something you must know about my brother is that he's a terribly addicted
smoker, and of course, he has no regard for people抯 things, not even their new
car with leather seats. So, of course, the first thing that brother of mine does
when he gets in the car, are lights up a cigarette. Remember the gas I spilled
on my jacket? Well, needless to say, one spark from that lighter sent my arm
bursting into flames. CRAP! I screamed. I pulled the car over and jumped out.
I was waving my arm around like crazy trying to get that fire out. Luckily, a
policeman drove by and stopped to help me. He had a fire extinguisher in his
cruiser and he used it to put out the fire on my arm. Thank you officer I
said, If you hadn't stopped to help me, my arm could have burned off! It was
no problem ma'am, the officer replied in very police-is style, but I'm sorry,
I'm going to have to give you a fine Why officer? I said, completely shocked
For using a firearm without a license
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