The postal delivery.
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The postal delivery

My husband asked me to go to the post office to mail his resume in anticipation of a job interview. He instructed me to send it the fastest way possible.

Struck by the urgency in his voice, I grabbed a handful of change and dashed out the door. Arriving at the post office, I rushed to the counter and breathlessly explained to the clerk that my envelope had to be delivered immediately . He casually weighed the envelope and said it would cost $ 10.03.I fumbled through my pockets and tallied up my coins. "But I don't have $ 10. 03, " I said. He punched some more buttons and said, "Okay, that will be $ 7. 40, ma am.

Once more I said in dismay, "Sorry, I don't have $ 7.40.

"Well," he sighed, "exactly how much do you have?"

I meekly answered, "I have exactly $ 2. 15, sir."

With that, he yelled over his shoulder to a coworker, "Hey, Charlie, get the pigeon ready.
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