To show what you can do.
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To show what you can do

Four friends were arguing over whose dog was the smartest. The first man, an engineer, called to his dog, "T Square, show your stuff." The dog trotted over to a desk, pulled out a paper and pencil, and drew a perfect triangle.

The next guy, an accountant, called to his dog, "Slide Rule, go ahead." The dog went to the kitchen, nibbled opened a bag of cookies and divided the contents into four equal piles.

The next man, a chemist, beckoned his dog, Beaker, to show what he could do. The dog went to the fridge, took out a quart of milk and poured out exactly eighty ounces into a measuring cup.

The last man was a government worker. "Coffee Break," he hollered to his dog, "go to it". With that, the dog jumped to his feet, soiled the paper, ate the cookies and drank the milk.
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