About the President of the United States brainteasers.
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About the President of the United States brainteasers

When electing Presidents of the United States, Americans haven't been partial to one type of man. Commanders in Chief of all kinds--tall and short, handsome and homely, well-educated and barely schooled, scoundrel and saint--were sent to Washington to serve.

The following questions delve behind the formal portraits of our nation's Presidents to reveal their idiosyncrasies, oddities andironies.

Q. WhichPresident's son was personally affected by three Presidential assassinations?

A. Abraham Lincoln's oldest son, Robert Todd, was at his father's side after the 16th President was assassinated at Ford's Theatre in 1865. Sixteen years later he was at the Washington raildepot where the 20th President, James Garfield, was shot and killedin 1881. In 1901 Lincoln was in Buffalo at the Pan-American Exposition, where 25th President William Mc Kinley was assassinated.The reafter Lincoln avoided functions where a President waspresent.

Q. Which President was also a King?
A. Gerald Ford. Bornin 1913 as Leslie L. King, Jr., his mother orced and remarried.His stepfather informally adopted him, renaming him Gerald R.Ford.
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