He bit me a hand all quick break I this.
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He bit me a hand all quick break I this

An elderly woman brought her little child to the dentist. She went into the dentist's room and told him:"Please do your job gently because my child is very frightened. He gets frightened very easily."

The dentist said to her, "Don't be scared, you don't have to worry. I just have to give him an anesthetic injection, and then he won't be aware even if ten of his teeth are extracted." She said, "Oh! Just extract one, not ten!" The mother then said, "Oh! That's very good, I can leave everything to you, and I'll wait outside because I'm also very scared. I dare not stay here to look."

She then went to take a seat outside. Before sitting down, there was a sound from inside, a very loud scream that deafened the ears. Immediately she ran inside and scolded the doctor, "Hey! Just now you said that after the injection he wouldn't feel anything. You cheated me! You made my child suffer. He can't bear it anymore, from the way he screamed, and you say you are a doctor!"

The dentist then said, "It's not like that, he is not the one who screamed, it was me! I just wanted to touch his tooth just now and he bit me. My hand is nearly broken."
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