Let's now is this a little progress.
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Let's now is this a little progress

A psychiatrist said to his patient, "Mr. Patient, I understand that you have a problem. Your problem is that you always contradict whatever other people say or do, right?" And Mr. Patient said, "No, that's not right." So the psychiatrist said, "OK! Then I must be mistaken, eh?" And the patient replied, "No! No! You're not!"

And the psychiatrist said, "Oh, oh, oh, I got it. I got it. You're contradicting everything I say." And the patient said, "No, you're being ridiculous! You're crazy!"

So the psychiatrist said, "I see, I see. Then you're perfectly sane, right? You're not crazy, right?" And the patient said, "No. No. I'm crazy as a loon." Then the psychiatrist said,"Oh, yeah, now we're making some progress here!"

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