A mysterious letters.
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A mysterious letters

"I don't like to inquire too curiously into your affairs£¬"said the lady to her husband."But something's been bothering me for days."

"So?" said the husband."Tell me all about it."

"You got a letter last Friday£¬" the lady said."It was perfumed.It was in a girl's handwriting.I saw you oped it£ºyou broke into a sweat.You turned white.Your hands trembled¡­For goodness'sake£¬who was it from and what did it say£¿"

"Oh£¬that£¬"said the husband."I decided it was best for both of us not to talk about it at the time."

"For heaven's sake£¬"screamed the woman."Tell me who it was from and what it said."

"Okay£¬" said the husband."It was from your dress shop.It said you owe them¡ç740.00."
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