Girl, Please Fall in Love with Me.
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Girl, Please Fall in Love with Me

After the self-study class at night, I opened the computer. I sorted out the male net friends to the Frog Concentration Camp and several unlovely girls I¡¯ve seen to the Dinosaur Concentration Camp. Then I began chatting with the three girls left.

Me: Honey, let¡¯s fall in love!

Talented girl: OK. Are you a Party member?

Me: No, I¡¯m not.

Talented girl: Are you a League member?

Me: Well, no.

Talented girl: Well, are you a member of China Young Pioneers?

Me: I used to be one many years ago. But why do you bother asking such questions?

Talented girl: Then I can¡¯t promise you. At all events, I¡¯m the team leader of our class.

Recalling the painful experience, I still have two girls to chat with.

Me: Girl, let¡¯s fall in love!

Lonely girl: Good. After all, I can fall in love.

Me: Well, didn¡¯t you love someone before?

Lonely girl: No. They always said I was a dinosaur.

Me: Umm, in this case, we¡¯d better break up at the moment.

Lonely girl: No, I don¡¯t agree. It¡¯s my first love¡­

Now the last girl left, I would especially cherish her.

Me: Girl, don¡¯t you want to fall in love with me?

Jiaojiao: I think it¡¯s OK, but I¡¯d like to ask for my father¡¯s advice.

Me: My God! You asked your father this kind of thing? You surely don¡¯t have your own definite idea!

Jiaojiao: It¡¯s not like that. I am just 5 years old and haven¡¯t learnt to type. It is my father who types for me.

Me: ¡­

Then I said: Hello, uncle.
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