This cup of coffee won't be too hot.
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This cup of coffee won't be too hot

A person went into a restaurant. He ordered coffee and bread. When the waitress gave him the cup of coffee, he started to put in sugar and milk. Oh! There was no spoon to stir with!

That person was in a hurry -- it was in the morning, he wanted to eat something quickly so that he could hurry to work.

Seeing that the waitress was rather pretty, he felt a bit embarrassed to be straight forward. Therefore, he said very gently: "Oh Miss! This cup of coffee is very hot. If I stir it with my finger, wouldn't it be too hot?"

What he meant was that he wanted a spoon!

That lady was also very courteous. She smiled very sweetly and then went away without saying a word. She came out, wiggling her hips, and brought him another cup of coffee. Then, she said to him:

"This cup of coffee won't be too hot!"
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