I don't huddle account to plunge.
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I don't huddle account to plunge

The ruler of an ancient kingdom wanted to disprove the statement that the men of his domain were ruled by their wives£®He had all the males in his kingdom brought before him and warned that any man who did not tell the truth would be punished severely£®

Then he asked all the men who obeyed their wives' directions and counsel to step to the left side of the hall£® All the men did so but one little man who moved to the right£®

"It's good to see£¬"said the king£¬"that we have one real man in the kingdom£®Tell these chickenhearted dunces why you alone among them stand on the right side of the hall£®"

"Your Majesty£¬"came the reply in a squealing voice£¬"it is because before I left home my wife told me to keep out of crowds£®"
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