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1. Admit that you did that (5/9/2010)
    An old Indian lined up all of his 10 little Indian sons and stood in front of them. He then asked, Who push port-a-potty over cliff? Nobody answered him. He th
2. Welcoming to America (5/9/2010)
    When young Jose, newly arrived in the United States, made his first trip to Yankee Stadium, there were no tickets left for sale. Touched by his disappointment,
3. Defining the Americans (5/9/2010)
    We yell for the Government to balance the budget, then take the last dime we have to make the down payment on a car. We whip the enemy in battle, then give th
4. Competition of a nation (5/9/2010)
    The Americans and Russians at the height of the arms race realized that if they continued in the usual manner they were going to blow up the whole world. One
5. How to speak Southern (5/9/2010)
    [b]WORLD FAMOUS SOUTHERN TALK BECOME A NATIVE SOUTHERNER[/b] How to talk native SOUTHERN in one easy lesson [b]Aig[/b] - What a hen lays [b]Aints[/b] - He's g
6. Caught by a local tribe (5/9/2010)
    A Frenchman, an Englishman and a New Yorker were captured by cannibals. The chief comes to them and says, The bad news is that now we've caught you and we're g
7. Facts about Americans (5/9/2010)
    Facts about Americans. Did you know that . . . Only 30% of us can flare our nostrils. 21% of us don't make our bed daily. 5% of us never do. Men do 29% of lau
8. Texas builds it larger (5/9/2010)
    A Texan, while visiting Toronto, found himself in the back seat of a taxi cab on the way to his hotel. Passing by the Royal York the Texan asked the cab driver
9. Mexican is at border (5/9/2010)
    A US Border Patrol Agent catches an illegal alien in the bushes right by the border fence, he pulls him out and says Sorry, you know the law, you've got to go
10. Angering the Irishman (5/9/2010)
    Three Englishmen were in a bar and spotted an Irishman. So, one of the Englishmen walked over to the Irishman, tapped him on the shoulder, and said, Hey, I hea
11. Defining these words (5/9/2010)
    For more than 30 years, New York magazine has run a contest in which contestants take a well-known foreign language expression, change a single letter, and pro
12. English is very strange (5/9/2010)
    Did you know that verb is a noun? How can you look up words in a dictionary if you can't spell them? If a word is misspelled in a dictionary, how would we ev
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