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1. Painting this church (5/8/2010)
    Bill was short of money and was out looking for a job. Pastor Nelson offered Bill $500 to buy paint and paint the church. Well Bill went out bough some paint
2. Wizard in the factory (5/8/2010)
    There's this Wizard who worked in a factory. Everything was satisfactory except that miscreants, taking advantage of his good nature, would steal his parking s
3. Party in the kingdom (5/8/2010)
    In a kingdom far far away, and a long long time ago, a party was being given. To this party the king had invited everyone in the kingdom to his castle. And e
4. Producing a new gum (5/8/2010)
    Two men were in the process of inventing a new brand of gum. They were arguing over the fact that their new gum was too hard and brittle and didn't have the r
5. A very happy psychic (5/8/2010)
    I am not a believer in seances, but I went to one just to see what they are like. The psychic was doing his thing and grinning from ear to ear. I assumed his
6. Helping out the knight (5/8/2010)
    Sir Edgbert, knight of the realm, was hurrying home on a cold, dark, wet night when, suddenly, his horse suffered a major coronary and died on the spot. All S
7. Two caged canaries (5/8/2010)
    Once upon a time there were two canaries in a cage. Naturally, one was male and the other female. After many months, the male decided to meet the female. So he
8. Monster in a village (5/8/2010)
    Out far away in the himalayas there was a small village that was constantly terrified by this terrible monster named the medecrin. The medicrin would come down
9. Gift for Snow White (5/8/2010)
    Snow White received a camera as a gift. She happily took pictures of the Dwarfs and their surroundings. When she finished her first batch she took the film to
10. Story of a happy dog (5/8/2010)
    Trouser was normally a happy-go-lucky dog. He would chase tennis balls, play with other doggies, and eat his dinner without a fuss. He was a dog without a care
11. Peddler in the village (5/8/2010)
    Every day a peddler pulled his cart of wool from his home to the village market. It was a long trip. He had to travel around the perimeter of a large lake th
12. The stained clothes (5/8/2010)
    The other day I was eating in an Italian restaurant when I accidentally spilled some spaghetti sauce on my favorite white sweater. I wasn't too distressed, tho
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