Chinese and English.
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Chinese and English

I'm an editor of a newspaper. One day a foreigner made a call to me. He said in Chinese that he liked our newspaper very much, which made me very happy. Then I said "Could you tell me some impression about our newspaper?"

The foreigner spoke a lot. But I didn't know which language he spoke. It was not Chinese, nor Japanese. Was he speaking Spanish?" Could you speak Chinese? Which language did you speak just now?" I asked. After silence for a while, the foreigner answered with a little disappointment. "I'm an Englishman. I spoke Chinese with you just now." Oh, my god, the tears came out while I was laughing. "You'd better speak English." He began to talk and talked a lot. Considering that his Chinese was really poor, I tried talking with him in English.

After a few words, he asked, "Are you speaking Latin? I couldn't catch any word that you said. I can understand a lot if you speak Chinese." Oh, my goodness. "Is my English really poor? No, I don't think so. Maybe he is an Englishman who can not understand standard American English." I said to myself.
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