Burger joint conversations nationwide.
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Burger joint conversations nationwide

M.I.T.: I had a nervous breakdown this weekend.

Have some fries.

Caltech: I had three nervous breakdowns this weekend.

Have some fries.

Yale: I got mugged on the way to class today.

Have some fries.

Brown: I got a nose ring this weekend, Professor Smith.

Cool! Me too! Have some fries.

Swarthmore: I got a B.

Anywhere else it would have been an A. Have some fries.

Princeton: My father took away my Porsche this weekend.

Poor dear. Have some Escargot.

Harvard: Did you do anything this weekend?

Nope. Have some fries.

Williams: Don't I know you?

Of course you do, silly. Have some fries.

Cornell: I killed my lab partner this weekend.

Bummer. Have some fries.

Columbia: I wish I could be eating these fries at a better school.

Me too. Let's go get shot.

Penn: I wish I could be eating these fries at a better school.

Me too. Let's transfer to Columbia.

Stanford: Dude, I have so much work this weekend.

Like, chill out, dude. Have some, like, fries.

Dartmouth: Oh man, I got so trashed this weekend.

Have some beer.

Tufts: I wish I were Ivy League.

Here, drink the fry grease.

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