10 Things To Do At School When Bored.....
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10 Things To Do At School When Bored....

1. Take off your socks, and make hand puppets. When asked a question throw
your hand up and answer through your socks. Have one puppet accuse the other of
having the wrong answer, and let them argue.

2. Take spare gum out from under your desk and mold a statue of one of your
classmates. Try to sell it to them.

3. Mimic your classmate's facial expressions. If they notice, keep doing it
until they get mad. If they get mad, keep doing it until they make a scene. If
they make a scene, raise your hand and complain that he/she is distracting you.

4. March into the classroom yelling, Hut, two three, four. Take role call in
your best General voice. If they don't answer say, I saaaid, (Name of
classmate) Keep doing so until answered.

5. Bring in a fishing pole and try to catch your teacher. Keep saying things
like, The last one got away, or, Get the net, It's a big one!

6. Make up the corniest joke you can and announce it to the teacher. Example:
Do you think that if Mexico and Texas ever got together, they would call it

7. Get out a comb and part your hair down the middle, going all the way down
the back. Borrow a pair of glasses and put them on backwards. Sit in the chair
backwards with your arms behind you, on the desk. If no one notices wait about 5
minutes then scream, That Stupid Chiropractor!

8. Get a pair of 3-d glasses. Wobble around while walking and keep yelling,
Whoah, that looked so real!

9. Start a debate on (pick a subject such as whose cooler, best color of
shoes, smart or dumb, etc.) Get a representative from each side. Have those two
debate, explaining pros and cons, get the teacher, and say, All I said was
'those are neat shoes' and then this happened!

10. Bring in a dog and dress it in your clothes, sit it in your seat, and talk
for it. Hide somewhere in the classroom before your teacher comes in. Try to
pass him off as you, while occasionaly mumbling, I should have never mixed in
that citric acid.

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