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A professor, teaching a college sexuality class, was discussing the frequency
of sex that could still be considered normal. Many people find that sex every
other week is sufficient frequency to satisfy, and that's fine. Yet others want
to make love nightly, and there's nothing wrong with that either. Let's take an
informal survey of this class. Don't be embarrassed. Please answer honestly. How
many people here make love more than twice a week?
A few hands shot up.
Twice a week?
A few more hands.
Weekly, on average?
Many hands.
Once every two weeks? he continued and, Once a month? and Once every
several months? and finally, Once a year?
At this last category, one hand shot up, waving most eagerly. Pardon my
curiosity, the professor asked, But if you only make love once a year, why are
you so excited over it?
Replied the student, Tonight's the night!
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