Barely graduated.
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Barely graduated

One day 2 guys who had just BARELY graduated highschool decided to go to
college. Now, these boys weren't too bright but they had a lot of money. So they
go to the counselors office to see what classes they have to take before they
take the classes they wanted. The counselor only lets one of them in and the
other has to wait outside. So one of the boys goes in, and the counselor says,
well your first classes have to be math, reading, and logic. The boy says
Logic, whats logic? The counselor gives him and example and she says Well, do
you own a weedwacker? the boy says yeah and then the counselor says, well
then, i would think that since you own weedwacker then you must have a yard the
boy impressed says yeah and the counselor says and i would think that if you
own a yard, then you must own a house the boy is amazed and says yeah! the
counselor continues and if you own a house i would think that you are straight
and would want to have a wife one day the boy says Yeah!!! so the boy signs
him and his friend up for classes and goes out to meet his friend. His friend
says well what do we have to take? the boy says we have to take math,
reading, and logic. his friend says Logic? whats logic? and the boy says Do
you own a weedwacker? his friend says no and the boy goes...
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