The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
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The Lion Sleeps Tonight

The Weenie Whacker Song
To the tune of The Lion Sleeps Tonight

In the bedroom...the quiet bedroom
The Bobbitt sleeps tonight...
In the kitchen...the downstairs kitchen
Loraina grabs her knife...

Weenie wacker weenie wacker
Weenie wacker weenie wacker

Slashed his pee pee...his tiny pee pee
It left a nasty scar
Stuck his rocket into her pocket
And drove off in the car...
(repeat chorus)

Out the window...the Nissan window
She threw his shuttlecock
Then the cops came and found the unit
And outlined it with chalk...
(repeat chorus until sent to your room)

In the cooler...the Playmate cooler
They packed it up real tight
the doctor patched it...and reattached it
It still don't work quite right...
(repeat chorus until spanked)

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