Give him another chance.
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Give him another chance

A college's student body is composed of the sons and daughters of the very
rich who could not meet the academic requirements of any other college. Lo and
behold, the college basketball team wins every game and dominates their league.
All this success is due to one amazing player - a cross betwen Larry Bird and
Michael Jordan.
This kid is terrific. The player and the team become the center of nationwide
media attention. The student body is thrilled. Now, the NCAA goes to the college
and asks for proof of this player's academic eligibility. The college
administration promises such documentation in a few days. The faculty works
night and day coaching the student for the crucial test.
The day of the public examinatin arrives, and the entire student body is there
to support their star player. A professor stands, and announces the first
question, How much is five and two? The student frowns in deep concentration -
he thinks, he sweats, he shakes with effort. At last he shouts the answer,
SEVEN. The entire student body rises, and as a single voice, they cry. Give
him another chance. Give him another chance.
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