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1. Try to use your dorm key to unlock your bedroom door.

2. Have your mom scan your ID card for meals.

3. Look for a tray to carry your dinner to the table with.

4. Walk two blocks to go to dinner.

5. Forget to dial the first three digits of your friend's phone number.

6. Dial 9 when calling out of your house.

7. Use your calling card when calling your friends.

8. Walk to the post office to get your mail.

9. Yell FLUSH!

10. Jump out of the shower just in case someone does flush.

11. Try to latch the bathroom door because you think you're in a stall.

12. Take all your shower items to and from your room.

13. Get dressed in the dark.

14. Go nuts looking for the quarter slots on the washing machine.

15. Make junk food runs at 11:30 at night.

16. Make popcorn just because you miss the smell.

17. Order pizza every Friday night.

18. Have one of your friends spend the night because you can't sleep in a room
by yourself.

19. Move another bed, dresser, and desk into your room because there is too
much extra space.

20. Hang pictures of your college friends on the wall so you don't miss them.

21. Hoard food under your bed for when it snows and you don't want to go out.

22. Walk around the neighborhood looking for a computer lab (e-mail

23. Fight your mother for quarters for the imaginary snack
machine and pay phone in the house.
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