Study again.
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Study again

Vova brought home his grade book. Vova's father looked at it and said, I see
you misbehaved. For example, it says here that you smoked in class.
You call it smoke? I just found a cigarette butt and only could inhale two
Maybe. But here it says you came to the school drunk.
You call it drunk? I only found in garbage a bottle with a few drops of
Maybe. But here it says you tried to rape an old cleaning woman.
Try! But I did not do it after all.
I see you need a lesson.
Next day the father took Vova to his office. He showed him to a deep leather
chair, and when Vova took the seat, the father offered him a cigar. Vova puffed,
and the father poured for Vova a glass of French brandy. As Vova drank, his
father opened the door and pointed at his young and pretty secretary.
How do you like it, Vova?
Very much, father.
So, to smoke good cigars, and to drink good brandy, and to have a young and
pretty secretary, one has to study, to study, and once again to study!

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