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Three students from Michigan State, the University of Kentucky and Texas A & M
on summer vacation in France were caught smuggling cocaine and sentenced to
death by guillotine. The judge turned to the boy from Michigan and asked, Do
you have any final words, son?

Yeah, drop dead! snapped the Wolverine.

Hearing this, the judge signaled for the sentence to be carried out. The
executioner pulled the lever, and as the crowd gaped in astonishment, the giant
blade came to a screeching halt three inches from the victim's throat.

It's God's will! Let him go! cried the judge.

Next the fella from U. of Kentucky was put on the block, and the judge asked
again, And what are your final remarks, my boy?

Go to hell! shouted the student, and the judge signaled. The razor-sharp
blade fell and miraculously stopped just a quarter inch from the condemned boy's
neck. It's the will of God! exclaimed the judge. Set him free!

Finally the Texan was put into position. Before you're beheaded, said the
judge, do you have any last words?

Yeh! replied the Aggie. If y'all will just put a little more grease on them
grooves, the blade'll come down a whole lot easier!

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