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1. Friendly Favor (5/9/2010)
   George W. Bush is sitting in a hotel lobby, planning his speech to a group of businessmen, when a little man walks up to him. Excuse me, Mr. Bush, but my name
   1. I'll turn capital punishment into a new game show! 2. I promise to get cocaine off our streets: 1 kilo at a time. 3. I'll finish what Bill started -- the
3. Make the Pie Higher (5/9/2010)
   I think we all agree, the past is over. This is still a dangerous world. It's a world of madmen and uncertainty and potential mental losses. Rarely is the quest
4. George W. Bush, Albert Einstein and Pablo (5/9/2010)
   George W. Bush, Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso have all died. Due to a glitch in the mundane/celestial time-space continuum, all three arrive at the Pearly
5. His lips are moving. (5/9/2010)
   How can you tell if George W. Bush is lying? His lips are moving.
6. Quotes (5/9/2010)
   I've often thought that the process of aging could be slowed down if it had to go through Congress.
7. Busy working (5/9/2010)
   There was a line in George's speech where he said I raised taxes 1 time and I lived to regret it. Bill Clinton Did it 132 times and loved every minute. # I
8. Things heat (5/9/2010)
   1) Things heat up quickly for George at the local History Bee. 2) Listening to George Bush Jr. is always followed by nap time. 3) For my next Fairy Tale, H
9. Short pants. (5/9/2010)
   Q: What does little GW wear underneath his suit and tie? A: Short pants.
10. To wash out his mouth with soap. (5/9/2010)
   Q: Why did Barbara Bush run to her son's side? A: To wash out his mouth with soap.
11. Bbusy working (5/9/2010)
   Yesterday George W. Bush all day through was busy working with documents. He examined his passport and driver license once again.
12. Clinton, Now Bush, Jr.? (5/9/2010)
   The American myth is that every boy can grow up to be President. The reality now is that the boy doesn't have to grow up?!Clinton, Now Bush, Jr.? The American
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