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1. The Associated Press (5/9/2010)
   WASHINGTON ?for a guy looking for a new house, George W. Bush picked the right place for a speech Monday. ``It's fitting, I guess, that I'm here in Washington
2. Bush & Hitler (5/9/2010)
   Q. What is the difference between Bush and Hitler? A. Hitler wrote a book.
3. First Draft of Bushs Inaugural Address (5/9/2010)
   My fellow Armenians, As I stand here today, looking out over this magnificent Viagra, I think we can agree that the past is over. Our country is ready for a f
4. Bush solves a puzzle (5/9/2010)
   His closest advisors came to visit Dubya at the White House one evening and found him slamming down beers and whooping it up. They were astonished since he ha
5. Hus On First (5/9/2010)
   We take you now to the Oval Office . George: Condi! Nice to see you. What's happening? Condi: Sir, I have the report here about the new leader of China. Georg
6. Bushs Urgent & Confidential Business Proposal (5/9/2010)
7. Bush Visits England (5/9/2010)
   While visiting england, george bush is invited to tea with the queen. he asks her what her leadership philosophy is. she says that it is to surround her with
8. Bush and Powell Plan World War III (5/9/2010)
   Bush and Powell were sitting in a bar. A guy walked in and asked the barman, Isn't that Bush and Powell? The barman said, Yep, that's them. So the guy walke
9. Bush, Einstein and Picasso at the Pearly Gates (5/9/2010)
   Einstein dies and goes to heaven. At the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter tells him, You look like Einstein, but you have NO idea the lengths that some people will g
10. Puzzler in Chief (5/9/2010)
   Cheney gets a call from his boss, W. I've got a problem, says W. What's the matter? asks Cheney. Well, you told me to keep busy in the Oval Office, so, I got
11. George W. Bush and the Jews (5/9/2010)
   President Bush call in the head of the CIA and ask, How come the Jews know everything before we do? The CIA chief says, It's simple. The Jews have an expressi
12. Tips From Ghosts of Presidents Past (5/9/2010)
   One night, George W. Bush is awakened by George Washington's ghost in the White House. Bush asks: George, what is the best thing I could do to help the countr
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