Bush Has Feelings Too.
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Bush Has Feelings Too

George W. Bush told Dick Cheney, I really hate all the stupid jokes people
make about me.
Cheney reassured him by saying, Jokes can't hurt you. They are just made up
by a bunch of stupid people. In fact, most humans are quite stupid. Here, I'll
show you what I mean.

Cheney goes outside and hails a D.C. cab and says to the driver, Please take
me to 261 M street to see if I'm home, said Cheney.

Without a word, the cabbie took them straight to M Street. Cheney then rang
the doorbell, came back to the car and said, Oh, I guess I'm not there! Take us
back to where we started, please.

The cabbie did what he was told without a word. Cheney leaned over and said to
Dubya, You get the idea? People are idiots wherever you go! Don't worry about
their opinions!

Bush said, Thanks Dick. I feel a lot better. Then he winked and whispered,
Hooboy, was he stupid! He picked us up right in front of a phone booth. He
should have realized you could have called instead!

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