Bush & the Blackboard.
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Bush & the Blackboard

George W. Bush was giving a third-grader a lesson on politics. First he asked
the kid to write The President on the blackboard.
Then Bush asked the child what he thought the President should accomplish and
the child replied, Protect the environment and clean up the air.
Dubya countered, Why should the clouds be white and the water be blue when
they could be all kinds of cool colors? Is that so terrible. Can't we agree on
it? Can you spell Is and We?
The boy spells out Is then We on the blackboard.
My friends at the oil companies can make chemicals to make trees tall. If
fact, they already did. Can you write, tall and did?
The boy writes the words on the blackboard.
Now young man, what have you learned from your talk with the President?
The boys stand up and read what he has written on the blackboard aloud: The
President is we tall did.
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