Hell 4eva.
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Hell 4eva

George Bush dies and is sent to hell when he arriver the devil says you can
pick which of the 3 rooms you must spend eternity in so he shows him the first
room and about 100 people are standing on there heads beneath water bush says oh
no incant hold my breath long so no the next room please they go to the next
room and there about 100 people strode on there heads beneath dirty socks and
bush replies oh no the smells too bad from here no thanks on to the next room
and there 100 people standing in poo drinking coffee and reading a news paper
bush says its the best out of the lot I like coffee I like to keep up to date on
the news and I don think the smell will be that bad so he goes for the tired
one. The deviled leaves and bush gets a coffee a paper and stands there in the
poo reading and drinking, about 5 minutes later the devil comes back in and says
ok coffee break over back on your heads.
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