George Bush, John Ash croft, and Kathrine Harris g.
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George Bush, John Ash croft, and Kathrine Harris g

George W. Bush, John Ash croft, and Kathrine Harris go fishing on the lake by
George W.'s ranch. While speeding across the lake they hit a tree trunk, which
cracks a hole in the bottom of the boat. The boat starts to sink so they look
for life preservers and find only one. George W. Bush says: I'm the President
selected by the Supreme Court. The people need me to protect the nation from the
new world order and the growth of the new economy and computers and such. John
Ash croft says: I'm the Attorney General and as the nations' chief law
enforcement officer I must live so that there will be no fear or panic in the
streets, if you two shall die. And besides I have to outlaw abortion,
affirmative action, campaign finance reform, environmental protection, and same
sex marriages to save the moral fiber of this country. Finally, Kathryn Harris
says: I'm the Florida Secretary of State and the state Republican Chairwoman,
and I must survive so that I can deliver the votes needed by all the Republican
officials throughout the state, and disenfranchise those minorities who vote for
Democrats, so that Republicans may continue to be elected even though more
people vote for Democrats. And the three of them all agree that each has very
good and moral arguments for the life preserver, so that they decide the only
fair way to decide is by a vote. They cut up three squares of paper and vote by
secret ballot. Then they open the ballots to tally them. The first ballot says
George W. Bush - one vote, the second ballot says John Ash croft - one vote,
and the third ballot says Kathryn Harris - 37 votes.
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