At the inauguration:.
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At the inauguration:

President George H.W. and Barbara Bush: I wish it was Jeb.
Jeb Bush: I wish it was me.
Al Gore: I wish it was me.
Bill Clinton: I wish it was me.
Hillary Clinton: I wish it was me.
Dick Cheney: It is me!
George W. What? The speech? You mean the one about the tax cut? The other
one? Where am I?
Democrats: How could the Republicans be so stupid?
Stupid Republicans: Why weren't the Democrats bi-partisan enough to have
conceded the election in July? This speaks ill of them.
Nader supporters: He's just like Gore... only worse.
Nader: I can't tell the difference. Oh, wait! Stop there! These contacts are
much better. There! There's the difference! Thanks, doc!
Tipper: I wish Al wasn't so bald.
Buchanan: A Texan president! They're letting all of the foreigners in!
Colin Powell: Secretary of State is almost like being president. Look at the
influence of Christopher Warren! Look at it!
Gerald Ford: And they called me 'stupid!'
President Reagan: Nancy, he's Bonzo's son, right?
Gorbachev, Jr.: Now is the time to strike!
This really makes me wish I was a talented comic strip maker.
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